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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy day! Need to be tested soon? Waiting for your results?

See our answers below to your frequently asked questions.


Our services include:

1. RT-PCR COVID-19 - Swabbing and Laboratory Testing

2. RT-PCR COVID-19 - Laboratory Testing Only


RT-PCR  -  Swabbing and Laboratory testing:

1. Seafarers (Results in 24hrs or less) - Price Starts at P4,000

2. Walk in (Results in 24hrs or less) - Price Starts at P4,000

For bulk testing and business inquiries, email us at or contact us at 09565326041

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods thru BDO and can be paid via:

- Bank Deposit

- Online Bank Transfer

- E-Wallet (GCash or Paymaya)

- Credit Card (For on-site payment)



We offer on site testing, where we set up our laboratory in your preferred location. 

Our main lab is located at the PPA GAD Center at Gate 6, Bonifacio Dr, Port Area, Maynila, Kalakhang Maynila.

Firstaide Diagnostics also operates in the following ports:

NAIA Terminal 1
NAIA Terminal 2
NAIA Terminal 3
Orion, Bataan
Batangas Port
EVA Macapagal, Port area


Acknowledgement of payment and Confirmation of schedule

Upon acknowledgement of payment through email, please take note that your schedule is subject to availability. Kindly check your email regularly for confirmation of schedule. You should expect to receive your schedule via email within 24 hours of payment receipt.


Successful booking of an appointment

Once booking schedule (Date & Time) is confirmed, an Electronic Customer Information Form will be emailed for you to fill up.


Please bring a filled-up copy of your E-CIF and be at the premises 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Pre-registering with E-CIF (Electronic Case Investigation Form)

Make sure to fill up the E-CIF ( prior to your appointment as the email addresses placed there will be the official email addresses to receive the results of your test. 

Before you register your personal information and email at Firstaide Diagnostics' official E-CIF, be sure to check your email address to see if its working by logging into it (ex: Gmail, Yahoo etc), and send a test email to yourself, or people you know.

Alternative Email Addresses for receipt of results

The alternate email you sent shall be considered a form of consent, and we will send over a duplicate copy of your RT-PCR COVID-19 test result to that provided email.


If you would like to share your RT-PCR COVID-19 test results to your immediate family or employer and these email addresses were not placed on your E-CIF, please send us an alternate email of the representative, together with copies of two VALID IDs and a letter of consent; this will serve as an acknowledgement receipt on your behalf.


Kindly email this together with your full name at

To follow up results


Kindly provide the following information and we will process your follow-up request and forward this to our laboratory. Please send it directly to this email:


Full name : (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)

Date of swabbed: 


Email: (where to send the results)


If the wrong email was registered with E-CIF

Kindly provide the following information below and also send a letter of authorization and a photo of an official government ID, allowing your new email to receive the results. We will process your follow-up request and forward this to our laboratory. Please send it directly to our email at 


Full name : (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name) 

Date of swabbed: 


Email: (where to send the result) 


Job Inquiries

As of the moment we are not accepting any applicants; please stay tuned if we'll be posting any job openings, we hope that you continue to patronize Firstaide Diagnostics and be Your First Choice in Diagnostics.

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